Auxillary Fuel Tank Mounting

These photos show how I went about mounting a standard ATV  auxillary fule tank to the front rack of my 2004 Bombardier Outlander XT. Tried this out and it worked great. The tank came with velcro straps but there didn't seem to be a good way to use them on the front rack of the Outlander and I hate using those knuckle busting bungees. Imagine removing the velcro and bungees when you are tired and have wet, cold and muddy hands. My experience is tha the wingnuts and washers are much easier


I used a 6" 1/4x20 bolt, (3) rubber and (3) metal fender washers and a 1/4-20 wingnut for ease of removing the tank


Rubber and metal fender washer and wingnut are standard hardware store items.

Mounting toRack

You have to remove the rack in order to get the 6 inch bolt throught slot in the rack. Not shown on the bottomis one each of the rubber and metal fender washer. This sandwiches the bolt up right and in the correct location permanently.


I cut a 2" piece of 5/16 clear tubing to cover the bolt so that the vibration would cause the exposed threads to wear into the plastic fuel tank.any 5/16 I.D. tubing will serve te purpose.

Another close-up

Tank mounted

This is a pic showing the auxillary tank mounted.

Tank mounted

Side view. The tank is the standard 3.2 Gallon ATV auxillary tank. A rdiing buddy purchased us a couple from Cabellas for about $80 each.